News - January 27, 2011

Bus route across campus under attack again

The HOV bus route through campus is an absurdity and of no use to anyone: not to students, not to the people of Wageningen, and most certainly not to the people living along the Nijenoordallee road. That was the gist of the public hearing held by the provincial authority in Forum on Monday evening to discuss the campus route for buses.

The planned new bus route across the campus
The plan has led to more than fifty notices of objection. All in vain up to now as the provincial authority is not budging an inch. The objectors have therefore pinned their final hopes on the Provincial Council, which will be making a decision on 16 February. The objections are mainly to do with the added inconvenience resulting from the bus route being moved from Nijenoordallee to the campus. That will mean a substantial increase in the time it takes to walk to the nearest bus stop.
That does not just apply to the people living in the residential areas along the old bus route but also to the students in the Hoevestein and Bornsesteeg flats. There are also safety concerns. Many people find the campus dark and quiet in the evening and at weekends, which makes it feel unsafe. 'And what is the point of all this', wondered various speakers. 'What is the benefit of the new bus route to students and visitors? It is only a seven minute walk from the current bus stop on the Mansholtlaan roundabout to any point on the campus.' This whole bus route is 'a miserable business', said another person.  Many people think the problem would be solved if the bus were to make a small loop through the campus.
Incidentally, it is not yet definite that the Nijenoordallee will lose its bus route. In response to the criticisms, the provincial authority, the municipality of Wageningen and the transport company are investigating whether they can keep buses running along Nijenoordallee. But the people living along the road say this promise is a 'dead letter'. Furthermore, the inhabitants of NoordWest district are once again demanding a proper solution for the traffic junction at the west side of the campus giving access to their district. A kind of T-junction is envisaged in the plans. The local people would prefer a roundabout, and at any rate a 'recognizable main entrance to NoordWest district'.