Nieuws - 22 februari 2011

Bus may bypass campus in the evening

A definite go-ahead has been given to the bus lane across the campus. In daytime, that is. The bus may not be plying university grounds in the evening.

With this, the Provincial Council has acceded to the call of the Wageningen Municipal Council not to completely abandon the present route along the Nijenoord Allee. The Provincial Council members last week unanimously agreed to the so-called re-adjustment plan of the new bus route across the campus. This route has been planned to replace the current route over the Nijenoord Allee which runs alongside the campus.
Such a shift has greatly antagonized residents in the adjacent Tarthorst and Roghorst housing estates. These residents would have to walk much further to the nearest bus-stop. This also applies to students in the Hoevestein and the Bornsesteeg flats. Moreover, the new bus-stops would be socially unsafe in the evening.
Following the initiative from the Green Left party, the Socialist Party and the Labour Party (PvdA), the Wageningen Municipal Council took out a motion at the beginning of this month for a regular bus service along the Nijenoord Allee. The Provincial Council has been provided with a solution to split the bus service across the campus into day and evening routes. The bus would then ply the 'old' route along the Nijenoord Allee in the evening.
This solution looks promising. A motion from the Christian Democratic Appeal, PvdA, Christian Union and People's Party for Freedom and Democracy has been accepted last week. This charges the daily executive body of the province with the task of looking for a solution which is fair to the interests of Wageningen UR and the Wageningen citizen. A plan would be presented later this year. The snip in the campus route will be incorporated in this plan.