Organisatie - 30 april 2015

Bus lane in use on 5 May

Roelof Kleis

The bus lane is almost finished, which means its construction is on schedule. The first buses will be crossing campus (temporarily) on Liberation Day

The application of the top layer is the finishing touch for the construction of the lane. The layer itself is 3.5 centimetres of jet-black asphalt. The material flows smoothly from the machine at a temperature of 170 degrees centigrade. The stuff is then rolled firmly into place. There is not much time for this: by the time the layer has cooled below 80 to 90 degrees, there is not much point in rolling as it is rock solid. The bus lane will only open officially after the summer holidays. But the road will be getting a test run next week as the regular bus services will be using the new lane on 5 May. This will let the bus drivers avoid the Liberation Day traffic on Nijenoordallee. Wageningen UR has given permission for this.


This move actually anticipates the debate about the Campus Round. Wageningen is opposed to the new ring road around the campus and is opting for renovating the Mansholtlaan. The disadvantage of this option though is that there is no alternative route in the event of an emergency. At the moment the municipality is looking at modifications. The bus lane may get the function of alternative route in the event of an emergency in the future. After the asphalt has been rolled, the final touches will be made to the bus lane in the course of this week. The road marking – a solid line down the middle – still needs to be added. Signs will also be installed and the bicycle storage facility at the new bus stop is not yet finished either. Then the bus lane will wait there unused until August

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