Nieuws - 14 december 2011

Breakfast with Mr. Rector

Did you ever consider having breakfast with de Rector magnificus? I didn't, but I made it, last this Tuesday. At the end of the breakfast I realized how demanding to be the head of the university.

The scene of the breakfast meeting
It was a windy morning with little drizzle. The breakfast was scheduled at 8:00; however you can imagine how hard is was for me to get up early and cycle to Bestuurcentrum from Dijkgraaf. As expected I was late, six minutes. But I was not the last there, thanks to Mr.Rector's arrival seven minutes later.
Finally the meal kicked off at 8.20; excluding Mr. Rector there were seven guests from all walks of life of WUR, two of whom were students. Me and a girl called Lise who brought her ACT project on Junior College to the breakfast table. I noticed that almost everybody prepared several documents beside the utensils, except me and a lady from Communication Department. When Mr. Rector asked if we just wanted to have breakfast or had some questions to ask, all the people unanimously picked up the latter. Guess what the first question I came up with was? 'How come it becomes a meeting?' It was such a stupid question that I in fact popped up with a more meaningful one instead, which was about the new catering plan on campus. Different from my impromptu, the others came obviously with well-prepared topic from complaints about the University's declaration system to the latest updates of banana research. What Mr. Rector surprised me was he could easily follow all different topics and shrewdly gave the reply. 'Where did you get that knack of being a diplomat?' During my quiet listening to these stories, I had prepared my question to him for next breakfast talk.
This form of informal meeting was introduced three or four years ago, now it's held around every three months. For the enthusiastic people admittedly it might be a freeway (literally it's free indeed) to achieve their little ambition; for the one who only wants to veni, vidi but without vici, like me, it's also a decent occasion to open your eyes in the morning.

So...are you interested in it? Keep an eye on your Intranet in February and subscribe for it.

Vid of the week: Speaking of eating, I'd like to share the following clip with you.