News - February 5, 2004

Board wants students to register for courses

If the executive board gets its way, students will have to register online three weeks in advance for courses, starting in September 2004.

The executive board has sent a memorandum on the subject to the student council. At present students only have to register to take course exams. In future students will only be able to register for eight study points in the first four periods (each eight weeks long), and for ten study points in the fifth period (10 weeks long). The board thinks that the quality of education will decline if students register for more than two courses worth four points in one period. The board suspects that students register for more courses than they actually end up taking. It will remain possible to switch courses during any one period, but only with permission from the lecturer.

The proposed change will make it easier to do the timetabling for lecture halls, as the organisers will have a better idea of how many students will be doing a particular course. As a result students are less likely to hear that a course is oversubscribed. An additional advantage for students is that once they have registered they will immediately have access to course participant lists, lecturers, news bulletins about the course and the relevant websites. Lecturers will also know in advance how many students they are likely to have for a course, and what degree they are doing. This will help the lecturers to prepare their material better. The memorandum has been submitted to the student council for their comments.

Guido van Hofwegen