News - October 18, 2007

Board change at ISOW

ISOW celebrated its change of board members last Friday 12 October with a drink. Four new board members have taken up their positions.

There are two new Colombian members, Maria Fernanda Buitrage Acevedo who is the course coordinator and secretary, and Bibiana Maria Armenta Gutierrez who is the new treasurer. Samson Kofi Foli is from Ghana and is the new activities committee coordinator. Robin Kaplan, a Kurd from Turkey, is the PR and communication assistant. The position of chair is still vacant for the new board, and ISOW Is still looking for new board members who can start in January.

ISOW’s plans include continuing the well-attended theme parties at Unitas, with regional food, workshops and music. The parties at the International Club will be preceded by a film. ISOW is still looking for a male tango dancer to help during lessons. A new initiative in the pipeline is a monthly integration and interest get-together in café De Overkant. / Nicolette Meerstadt

If you want to help with organising activities, mail email('isow','');