Nieuws - 24 september 2018

Blog: What it is like to go to an office instead of the university

Kaavya Raveendran

Blogger Kaavya Raveendran is getting ready for the first day of her internship. She learns that with greater steps come greater challenges.

© Sven Menschel

Waking up on Monday is always hard, but this Monday was different. This one gave me butterflies in my tummy; it was mostly from all the anticipation. Taking out formal clothes, making sure they are crease-free, pairing them with formal shoes and finally tying my hair into a neat hairdo – that’s what it took to start the first day of my internship. I realised how different I felt from within already. It felt like I was suddenly bumped up to travel business class. But then the butterflies resumed their activities in my tummy, making me anxious again.

I entered the building, swiping my first company id, immediately gaining access to the professional upgrade that was awaiting me. Just by thinking of how I will be telling my friends and family that I am busy at the office, ‘Office’ not ‘University’, and how I could use the ‘I am stuck in a meeting’ phrase now, I kinda felt as cool as James Bond. Okay, I agree all this is in no way close to what James Bond does, but come on, a woman can fantasise! I was warmly welcomed by everyone in the department, and I was also introduced to my spot and work laptop. Now Sheldon is not the only one with a spot! So now, I sat in my designated spot, thinking about how I could make a difference within the next six months.

After a momentary lapse of being lost, I regained perspective.

So finally, after spending the first half of the day adjusting to my new work environment, I had a project discussion meeting with my supervisor. This is when I was reminded of all my friends who had started with their thesis two weeks ago and were struggling to find the right research question, and how I thought that time that I wouldn’t have to do that, because duh... I am doing an internship first. But boy, little did I expect, with greater steps come greater challenges. Halfway my project meeting, I realised that the project was an even bigger ocean, with an immense scope to dive in and catch the fish of my choice.

Spoon feeding is one of the last things I expect, but when the responsibilities are big, risks look riskier and challenges look more challenging. After a momentary lapse of being lost, I regained perspective. I see this as an opportunity, bigger than any one I had to face before. A challenge which will assess my willpower and the willingness to innovate. I am determined now to write another blog after completing my internship period and let you know how I was not just physically promoted to an office life, but also how I got there mentally. I promise to give you a good story.