Nieuws - 13 december 2014

Blog: Meeting Professor Fresco in Beijing

On December 2nd, I attended the Wageningen Alumni Event in Beijing. It was my honor to hear the speech presented by Prof. Louise Fresco, the newly-appointed President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR.

Before the event, when roaming around, I recognized Prof. Fresco in the meeting busy preparing for the speech with her assistant. Later she gave an excellent speech without notes.

Given such limited time, how did she manage it? Prof. Fresco’s agenda was hectic that she left right after the event; I couldn’t interview her. Thankfully I passed on my three questions to her assistant, and I got her response later via email:

Q: You made the speech without notes. How did you manage it with such limited time?
From experience I have learned that giving a speech without a presentation leads to more attention from the participants, in this case you and other alumni.

Q: Did you choose the colour of your shirt in green on purpose to match with the image of WUR and the theme of that event?
Attention to detail matters.

Q: How did you like this trip in China? Any unforgettable moment with deep impression about China and Chinese?
A: I am very impressed by the determination of the Chinese people to develop food and agriculture in a sustainable manner and the openness to collaboration. I have been received with great warmth in China and I am grateful that we can strengthen our longstanding friendship even more...

Derek vierkant.jpg

Since moving back to China from Holland, as far as I know, I haven’t seen any Chinese professor to write his speech on his own, let alone to present it without notes. Provided such contrast, I must take my hat off to Prof. Fresco, not only for her time and effort on my questions, but also for her attitude to the speech.

It was really a fortunate encounter to me. Thank you Prof. Fresco, thank you Wageningen UR. 

After an MSc in Wageningen, a year in the Student Council and a year of working in the Netherlands, Derek is back in China. With his Wageningen diploma, he found a job in Beijing. And he's back blogging for Resource.