Nieuws - 23 september 2014

Blog: Life without a bike

I had been travelling between the university and my home daily for the past year. Only on my bike. Now that I recently lost my bike, I plan to move around on foot. Just like I used to do in my hometown.

Since then I realized that how I travel every day is influenced by my surroundings. Biking in Wageningen is the norm. Every second is experience how terrible it is to walk when almost all the people on the streets are on a bike. Well, except those who are on motorbikes and cars. Walking just ten minutes from the Bornsesteeg flat to Forum has become a terribly lonely experience, especially when my friends bid ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ as they fly past me.

I always used to wonder why people walk when there are bikes. Now, I actually realize that it may not be a choice for some. For me, my bike is a luxury to walk less. Now I waste a lot of time, especially when I have to travel to go shopping in the city centre.

On the positive side, I can count on my walk as a moment to think and plan my day. I enjoy reconnecting with my previous experiences of traveling on foot for 45 minutes to go to the university in Nepal. With every step, I can be more mindful and feel the hectic rush of the lives of others.

Surroundings really matter for how you to travel. In my home town, going on foot was the common way to interact with friends though it took 45, twice every day. Now, biking is important so I don’t miss the friendly chats while biking together.