Nieuws - 4 april 2017

Blog: Addictive thesis

Leonardo Medina Santa Cruz

The sun shines brightly. The coffee is warm. The weather is remarkably suitable. This is indeed a fine Sunday to write. Wait… what am I writing about?

The search for writing topics in my everyday WUR life is a rather simple task. I typically need only leave the comfort of my room. The intricate web comprising social dynamics in Wageningen takes care of the rest.

Every trifling interaction with fellow students and teachers seems bigger than myself. Epitomizing some barely understood social conception, some global phenomena often discussed among experts and such, but ungraspable to my narrow experience.

Or maybe I’m just prone to imagining stuff.

Whichever the case, this sensation has been fading of late. Dissolving in successions of uniform days with indistinguishable tomorrows from yesterdays. Limited social encounters drain me of substance, leaving me no option but to write without really knowing where the writing is heading. I apologize.

Lessons from social exchanges are more valuable than those inside journals at the library.

On the other hand, this experiment in self-contemplation has led me to recognizing the issue: my damn thesis is so absorbing. Never before had I spent so much time thinking about a single topic. Addictively replaying facts and figures, statistics and peer-reviewed papers.

Over and over, like a broken gramophone record.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my research topic. But loving it so leaves little time to love much else. Which I, of course, hate.

I used to think of WUR as a place where lessons from social exchanges are more valuable than those inside journals at the library. Where I could learn something from everyone around me. Be them my friends, a random person in the canteen, or one of those obnoxious teammates.

I must have forgotten it, somehow.

Anyway, I’m done here, on my way out. The weather is remarkably suitable. Have to find something to write about.