Nieuws - 27 september 2012

Bless you!

People with psychopathic tendencies often have a diminished sense of smell.

And the opposite is true as well, claim Australian researchers at Macquarrie University. This opens up possibilities for testing for psychopathic tendencies. Could the common cold lead to reckless, manipulative and criminal behaviour?
Pub tiger
Someone with endless stamina for propping up the bar is called a 'pub tiger' in Dutch. Well, Groningen student society Vindicat decided to live up to its name (which sounds like 'Find that cat' in Dutch) and introduced a real tiger to the clubhouse. They hired him from a circus. The local branch of the animal rights party lost no time in asking questions in parliament. The tiger didn't order anything and retired to his cage after half an hour. 
Hot club
Members of Minerva student society in Leiden cannot get into their clubhouse for two weeks. A fire broke out there on Saturday 15 September when the old board was handing over to the new one. Not entirely by chance, as members were letting off fireworks. Furniture and curtains caught fire and the 500 people present panicked. The mayor of Leiden decided to close the bar temporarily until a safety plan has been drawn up. The fire brigade found a lot of combustible material, including 27 empty methylated spirits bottles.
Big flush
All one million inhabitants of the Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo have been asked by the mayor to flush their toilets at precisely 19.30 every Saturday. Due to the recent drought there has often been little water for flushing toilets, which has caused blockages in the sewers. The 'big flush' should unblock the sewers. What a relief.