Nieuws - 17 mei 2010

Bisseling and Rietjens appointed to Royal Academy

Ton Bisseling, professor of Molecular Biology and Ivonne Rietjens, professor of Toxicology, have been appointed to the Netherlands Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW). They are among the 27 distinguished scientists who will be installed as members of the academy in September.

The KNAW elects new members every year. Election is based on scientific achievements and on nominations from the scientific community. This year the Academy appointed twelve scientists in the fields of life sciences and physics as new members. Two of the new members come from Wageningen.
The KNAW has more than two hundred active members, including Wageningen professors Martien Cohen Stuart, Maarten Koornneef, Joop van Lenteren, Rudy Rabbinge, Louise Vet, Willem de Vos and Pierre de Wit.