Science - November 2, 2017

Bioveterinary Research opens new building

Tessa Louwerens

On Tuesday, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research put on a party to celebrate the opening of its new premises in Lelystad. The new building will house 85 of the research institute’s 250 employees. It has 30 labs, where they will conduct research on preventing, combatting and controlling infectious diseases in animals and humans.

In Bioveterinary Research’s new building in Lelystad, visitors admire freezers that can cool objects to as low as -80 degrees Celsius. © Tessa Louwerens

The building’s celebratory baptism starts with a guided tour. The visitors, clothed in plastic lab coats, shuffle along through the halls in groups of about ten. They admire the new equipment, such as the freezers that can cool objects to temperatures as low as -80 degrees Celsius. For guests unable to make the guided tour, a video clip was made showing a freerunner taking the same route, only at a somewhat faster pace and with more backflips.

The message is clear: this new facility is fast and modern. ‘The new building shows an institute that takes rapid, reliable and appropriate action using up-to-date facilities,’ says Aldrik Gierveld, acting director-general of Agriculture and Nature at the ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Ten million euros were invested to achieve this. That was necessary as the 35-year-old buildings and laboratories on Edelhertweg no long met modern-day requirements. ‘The new building will bring biomedical and veterinary research closer together,’ says Ludo Hellebrekers, the director of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. In his opinion, intensive collaboration between researchers working on humans and veterinary researchers is not just beneficial; it is essential. ‘This One Health approach is a chance to make serious progress. We will continue to work here on the health of humans and animals in a location that we are incredibly proud of.’

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Opening nieuwbouw Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

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