Nieuws - 15 april 2013

Bigger mailbox

A present from the IT department at Facilities and Services: from now on everyone can keep their e-mails for longer.

On 5 April, the storage capacity was increased from 400 to 1000 MB.  Employee satisfaction surveys regularly showed that students and staff found the mailbox too small. The IT department also suspects that users are forwarding their e-mail en masse to commercial providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. But information is much more secure in the Wageningen mailbox, says IT's Esther Molenaar. 'Data in the cloud is often stored abroad and therefore not covered by Dutch law. Then it is someĀ­times possible for the US government to inspect the data under the Patriot Act. That is why we recommend keeping e-mails with information about research data, publications and other critical information within the Wageningen system.'