Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Big Band

Big Band

Big Band

The Environmental Sciences Group is the only one of the five Sciences
Groups with its very own Big Band.

Started this year by Leen Moraal, an entomologist, and Jeroen Sluismans an
account manager at Alterra, the band has got off to an impressive start.
The first rehearsal was in April and the first performance in June. Both
have only been playing saxophone for three years, and hatched the idea over
a cup of coffee in January. When they advertised for players they were
overwhelmed with enthusiastic responses: this is the best way to prevent
people from becoming unable to work was one e-mail reaction. It’s going
well, but the band can still use a few more players. They practise every
Tuesday from 17.15 to 19.15 in Zaal 1, by the entrance in Alterra.

Bio bread back

The canteens in Wageningen are moving with the times.

In a couple of weeks’ time organic rolls will be on offer again. Despite
the results of a survey in which respondents indicated that they were not
prepared to pay more for an organic roll, apparently there have been so
many requests since their removal from the canteens that they are now to be
reintroduced. Another change is that canteen staff now wear uniform, making
them easier to identify according to the management. The ladies themselves
are said to be very pleased with their new clothes.