News - June 23, 2011

Bergpop: festival fun in Wageningen

The academic year is drawing to an end and the summer has officially started - time for a party! That party will be coming in the form of Bergpop. Wageningen's contribution to the lavish Dutch festival programme will take place on Saturday 2 July in and around Conventplein.

The fifth edition will be the biggest Bergpop so far, with 3 stages and 14 bands. According to organizer Lieuwe Brouwer, they will be ‘playing upbeat, summer music or simply really good music'.
Wageningen will be able to enjoy music from four in the afternoon until deep into the night, provided by headline acts such as Mozes and the Firstborn, electro singer Pien Feith from Amsterdam and the dance rockers of The Benelux. Artists will be performing not just in the square but also in the local cafes De Zaaier, Het Gat and Vreemde Streken. So visitors can wander around sampling what's on offer and looking for the music they prefer. That authentic festival experience, in other words.
The organization behind Bergpop is the Popcultuur foundation, an enthusiastic group of students who used to be responsible for the Unitas venue's programme. When that venue ceased to exist in 2009, the foundation decided to continue as an independent organization making use of the various locations and stages available in the town. This strategy appears to be exceptionally well suited to a small town like Wageningen. Popcultuur organizes performances twice a month in De Overkant cafe, the library or Café XL, providing stage time for a wide variety of new, talented Dutch artists. The main target group is students and young people in Wageningen, and there is something for everyone. The music ranges from metal to dance and from experimental to pop.
Bergpop, too, is not just about the big names. The programme allows plenty of room for young, regional bands and local heroes like the klezmer band Grassmoawer. Fans of acoustic music will be able to indulge their passion at espresso bar Villa Bloem, where some of the performers appearing at Bergpop will be giving a special acoustic session. And if you are still up for more at the end, you can attend the Unitas after-party in the cellars of Het Gat featuring the hero of German electro, Der Tante Renate.