Nieuws - 15 september 2005

Ben and Jerry want to save the ice

The men behind the famous American ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, are promoting themselves as the saviours of the polar ice caps. Under the slogan ‘Take it from two ice cream guys, when it’s melted, it’s ruined!’ they are encouraging young people to join workshops at the North Pole and to become climate ambassadors.

The Ben & Jerry’s student recruiting team passed through Wageningen on Tuesday 13 September in a big silver American caravan. In the caravan students could learn more about the project that the ice cream manufacturers have set up together with the Dutch polar explorer Marc Cornelissen and the conservation organisation WNF. The aim is to get young people to campaign against the most important cause of climate change, greenhouse gases emitted by industry. The ice cream makers believe that private industry should take the lead in reducing emissions.

Young people who want to participate can apply to join the project. Six people will be chosen from the applicants, three from the Netherlands and three from the United Kingdom. They will receive brief training in climate and marketing, part of which will be done at the North Pole. The idea is that the melting polar caps should inspire the young climate ambassadors to spread the message further.
Seven Wageningen students applied to join the North Pole lectures. For those who are not selected, the Climate Change College is holding a conference, CO2005 on 1 December, followed by a party in Nighttown in Rotterdam. You can still register, up to 10 October, on / JH