News - August 26, 2010

Bavaria deleted memories


Armed with a GPS, groups of new students ventured into Wageningen on Saturday 21 August. They faced various challenges along the way. At the Resource stand they had to sum up the 'Wageningen feeling' so far in seven words.

A selection:

  • 'Best time of my life, no sarcasm.'

  • 'There is nothing can beat group 48' (group 48)

  • 'Enjoy cycling in a well planned infrastructure.'

  • 'How the f*** do I pronounce this?'

  • 'Students can be fun without beer too.'

  • 'AID: airbed, yummy breakfast, party, airbed again.'

  • 'It's a small city, but the world!'

  • 'Bavaria deleted all my memories and experiences.'

  • 'I'll go on living in Amsterdam though.' 

(And someone took a few more words to wax lyrical:)

  • 'City of liberation, people of every nation, a resource for your imagination, and the implementation of integration, the only frustration: where is the railroad station?'