Student - August 26, 2010

Basic fare at Zodiac canteen

I am: in Zodiac, home to the animal sciences and one of Wageningen's antique buildings. Outside there's a smell of freshly cut grass with a hint of a farm smell now and then. I try to set aside any prejudices as I go indoors, but the dated building doesn't seem promising.

I eat: Onion soup with croutons and grated cheese, a white cheese roll with the inevitable tomato and egg, a croquette and my daily chocolate quota in the form of a cup of chocomel.
I taste: the familiar Albron quality: the tastiest soup so far, a nothing-special bread roll and a perfectly acceptable croquette. I am not exactly spoiled though, the canteen is tiny, the range of options likewise, and the plates and cutlery are plastic!
I feel: a bit depressed by the canteen. You feel as though everyone knows each other except you. What is more, the building is old, dark and unimaginative. And yet I know that in the Zodiac building animal science is conducted with great passion and expertise. That makes up for things a bit.
I think: Although Zodiac scientists are keen on animal welfare, they do not seem to consider humans as higher beings. The facilities for catering for the human soul are only just enough to set you up to go back to work on the noble calling of science.
Grade: 6+