Nieuws - 9 juni 2011

Barsha and Ranjana... say goodbye

Barsha has been busy over the last few weeks. She's getting settled in her new corridor, and she has celebrated her first birthday away from home and visited friends in Norway.

Barsha with her friends in Stavanger.
One of the cool things about ­studying in Wageningen is that it is in Europe. Barsha is looking forward to doing more traveling while she is here. IxESN is organizing a one-day trip to Paris; Rome and Venice are on her list as well. She has relatives in London whom she will visit at Christmas. 'And Switzerland is high on my list as well, they say it's the most romantic place.' Barsha has seen many Swiss landscapes in Hindi movies. Her goal is to visit as many countries as possible in two years. The first stop? Norway.
'Some friends of mine from Kathmandu university are studying in Norway. I finished my exams early, so I had an extended weekend for my trip.' Stavanger university was very similar to the Forum. 'Well, it's all up to European standards', laughs Barsha. 
Of course she enjoyed the natural surroundings, and the great weather too. 'I took in the views at the fjords and the beautiful highlands. And we went to the beach a few times.' But one of the highlights was going out to the city centre and dancing in a discotheque until four in the morning. 'It's nice when you can stay out late occasionally. And I love to dance', says Barsha. 'In Nepal we used to dance at university with other students. We would practice dancing on our own and teach each other.'
Happy Birthday!
But after her trip, Barsha didn't mind being back in Wageningen. 'It's nice and quiet here, I am really starting to feel at home.' She's getting settled in her new corridor. 'It's a nice place, clean, and the ­kitchen is big. I love to cook there. My corridor mates help me, when I have questions or practical problems. When the pots and pans are on a high shelf, they help me to get them. It's good to be tall.'
Barsha celebrated her first birth­day away from home. Just the way she prefers it. 'Spending quality time with friends: feeling comfortable, cooking Nepalese food and talking.'
Barsha and Ranjana still spend a lot of time together, even though they don't live together anymore. They joined an excursion to the Keukenhof, the famous flower park in Lisse. But despite their ­adventures, both in Wageningen and beyond, this is their last interview for Resource. 'When we first arrived here, there were lots of changes in our life. New place, new faces and an extremely different environment', they say. 'Everything was new to us and we had a lot to talk about. Now we are getting used to the surroundings and nothing excites us much. So we have fewer things to share.'