Science - January 15, 2015

Back to the Binnenveld of old

Roelof Kleis

A group of Wageningen scientists want to buy 55 hectares of land in the Binnenveld area from the Province and restore it to its original state.

The aim is to re-establish the rare meadows of Sesleria albicans grass, says ecologist Patrick Jansen (Resource Ecology) of the Mooi Wageningen society. Professor Frank Berendse and biologist Arnold van Vliet are involved in the plan as well. Combining the plot with State Forest Service land, a nature area of 120 hectares would be created. The new nature area borders the Veenkampen, land owned by  Wageningen UR, to the south. Wageningen UR has had a weather station there for a few years now. Since the nineteen seventies, Wageningen UR has done a lot of research here on the restoration of grasslands. Jansen: ‘It is so close to the campus. It is a pity not to make use of a location like that.

It is so close to the campus, it is a pity not to make use of a location like that
Patrick Jansen

The project is an excellent fit with Wageningen UR’s themes: how do you combine biodiversity conservation with agrarian production in one landscape?’  Whether the plan will get off the ground is not clear yet. LTO Ede has its eye on the same patch of land and has submitted a competing plan. The province has asked the two bidders to come up with a joint plan.


Photo's: Patrick Jansen