Nieuws - 7 juli 2011

Autistic students miss out on care

Healthcare for autistic students is no longer covered by personal budget.

The much-debated cuts in the personal budget for healthcare are also affecting students. Students with autism who start their degree at Wageningen University next year will not be able to claim an allowance for assistance in their studies, says Johan Veenman, founder of Stumass.
Stumass has been offering students with an autism disorder professional assistance in their degree studies since 2009. Students are able to make use of outpatient care provided by Stumass, or live in a student house with supervision. The students use their personal budgets to pay for this.
Now that the government has decided on substantial cuts in personal budgets, only the students living in the special student houses will be able to claim a personal budget from 2012 onwards. Outpatient care will be financed as care in kind and that is arranged by the care administration offices. They have already concluded contracts with other care providers for 2012, says Veenman.
'That means we will only be able to help new students from 2013. All our student houses are full and outpatient care is no longer being funded, so first-year students with autism will miss out.'

There are two Stumass student houses in Wageningen. Read how Renske likes her 'student house with structure' on the following link.