News - January 27, 2011

At least my mirror is still intact

Last week seemed too bad to repeat.

My foldable headphone stopped working when I broke the foldable joint by accident. My swimming goggles broke when I was wearing it. The rear brake of my bike went on holidays after my sharp brake on it when I met a bike going down at the slope of the underground parking at Forum. Can I blame it on the fact that all of them are 'Made in China'? Well, the bike is not from China, but the cyclist is...

Getting postcards from friends all over the world is one of the happiest moments in my life
However...I was only  halfway. Just like the match of Man United vs. Birmingham last Saturday which ended up with a slaughter of 5:0, Man United already had a 3:0 lead at halftime.
In the 2 nd half of last week, the group that I work with in this period had a dispute during an appointment with the lecturer. The row didn't improve our understanding, on the contrary,  it let the teacher know how bad our group work was in terms of cooperation. The following day, I lost my slippers after swimming. Finally on Saturday, I found that the registration time for Period 4 was overdue.

But to tell you the truth, I didn't feel very sad. Instead, I even doubt whether luck knocked at my door in a disguise of misfortune. Now I know how to ride a bike safely without the break. I still have a spare headphone and goggles of better quality. The open dispute of our group prompted me back to the library to take my part of the job seriously. I'm confident we still can get a good mark of it. Not that bad, is it?

There is an English saying: 'break a mirror, face seven years of bad luck', which can be traced back to the Romans. Actually, not only Romans, but also ancient Greek, Chinese or Africans, they all believed that a mirror had the power to confiscate part of user's soul. A broken mirror could mean a corruption of his or her soul. It sounds fair. My story is just not that pathetic since my mirror is still intact.

At the end of the week, I got an email from Angie, a fantastic Indonesian girl who studied in Groningen for 4 years. '...Definitely life in Europe is very different from the life in Asia...the people, the culture and the weather...just name it! Neither place is better or worse in my perception, it is just a calling in your heart to where you want to be, what you want to become after all. Still remember Laskar Pelangi?' Yes, just name it! Whenever I feel frustrated, this inspiring story would help me find the guts back. However many things go against me, some friends will just be there in time to support me. They are my never-broken mirror, my talisman. Thanks Angie, your song saved my week

Everybody is busy with the exams in next two week, hope you enjoy it! Success!

Video of the week
The theme song of an Indonesian movie "Laskar Pelangi" (Troops of Rainbow), a story about hope, super inspiring!!!