Nieuws - 9 september 2010

'At last, no problems with the clock'

Who? Pim Meurs, student of Food Technology (WU)
What? Came third in EU draughts championships in Poland.
Why? This earned him a ticket to the World Cup and the title of Grand Master.

Did you surprise yourself in Poland?
Yes. I bet a grand master and even left the Dutch champion behind me. Above all, I've made it to grand master earlier than I expected.

What was the decisive factor?
'I never got into difficulties with the clock, the double clock with your playing time. Often everything depended on the last ten minutes. I am pretty disciplined, but not so much with time. I have worked on that with my coach.'

How should we address you now?
'Just as Pim. Instead of MI, I can now put GMI after my name, standing for International Grand Master.'

When will BSc be added to that?
'My studies are not going too fast, because of the draughts. But I am getting support from the NOC*NSF, as a High Potential. That makes a difference if I have to make special arrangements.'