Nieuws - 9 februari 2012

Arty fundraiser

What? Fundraising auction to keep Movie W going
Where? LA13
When? Friday 1, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February
Tip from Roelof Kleis, Resource editor

Shimra Golan with one of her own works up for auction.
Everyone wants Movie W to stay, but who is doing anything to make it happen? Shimra Golan is. This Israeli artist is organizing an art auction to raise funds for the film house. At her request, a number of artists from the Wageningen area have offered some of their own works for nothing. All the proceeds will go to Movie W. The art works have been trickling in to the gallery at Heerenstraat 11 over the past few weeks. Shimra Golan started her one-room gallery - The True Limpet - six months ago. The first of its kind in Wageningen city centre, and a praiseworthy initiative in itself. The auction is her way of trying to keep Movie W running. ‘ It would be a disaster for the town if the film house closed down', she feels. The works to be auctioned are a ragbag of different genres. From paintings of all kinds to a 3D object that could be described as a piece of jewellery made of maize flour. There is a minimum price on each piece, but what they will really fetch will be revealed this weekend when they are moved to LA13. Bidding will go on throughout the weekend of the Movie W festival. Shimra does not expect to raise millions, but every little helps.