Nieuws - 3 december 2009

Arion is 'Fire Risk mess'

The Wageningen Student Association (WSO) has to do a clean-up. Arion, the association's headquarters in the Niemeijerstraat, is hard on its way to being a fire risk.

'The premises themselves are in line with the rules of the Fire Regulations. It's just such chaos there at the moment that it poses a fire risk', according to Wageningen UR spokesman Simon Vink,referring to boxes of empty bottles, paper storage and dark-room chemicals. Vink: 'The WSO must tidy up or we close down the building. We haven't given them an ultimatum, but the place has to be shipshape within weeks'. Meanwhile, the message has sunk in at WSO headquarters. 'We are going to have a clean-up', says secretary Marlies Bos.