Nieuws - 18 januari 2010

Argo's new boat christened

On Friday afternoon in the Forum hall Erika Terpstra christened Argo rowing club's new boat: the Oeneus of Calydon.

Erika Terpstra christens the Oeneus of Calydon.
The chair of the NOC*NSF (the Dutch Olympic Committee and Sports Federation) revealed her great respect for rowers: 'Rowers are good guys', she said to applause showing that the hundred people present agreed with her. To mark the occasion she poured a bottle of Rhine water over the slender, lemon-yellow rowing eight with cox, and wished the boat 'a safe journey'. She also revealed the name of the new boat: Oeneus of Calydon.
The name refers to a twit from Greek mythology. Oeneus forgot to pay tribute to Diana as required, which led the irritated goddess to send an enormous swine that destroyed all the crops. The hunt for the beast was marred by the fact that arguments broke out, resulting in deaths.
The names of Argo's boats are taken from the myths surrounding the Argonauts. The Oeneus of Calydon cost more than 30 thousand euros.