Student - 12 april 2018

Argo to run rowing camp for youth

Echica van Kelle

Student rowing club Argo will be running a rowing holiday for 12- to 16-year-olds from 22 to 28 July. The students hope this will raise some interest in rowing among Wageningen youngsters.

This summer, rowers from Argo will teach Wageningen youngsters the ins and outs of the sport. © Marte Hofsteenge

The rowing holiday will be run for the first time this year. Argo tried last year but there was not enough interest. This time the club has taken a different approach: the members made a start on publicity back in December.

‘A maximum of 30 young people can take part, but we’d be happy with 15,’ says Olaf, Heckert, one of the six Argonauts on the committee that is organizing the rowing holiday. The first campers have enrolled and the committee is trying to reach more potential participants through Facebook, Instagram and flyers.

‘We thought it was a pity that our grounds are hardly used in the summer, whereas that is when it is at its most beautiful here,’ says Heckert. ‘Other goals for the week are making Argo better known, linking up with young people locally, and raising interest in rowing.’

Argo is not the first rowing club to do this: in Delft there has been a youth rowing club for some years. In fact, Laga Rowing Club is running four camps there this summer, each for about 30 young people.

The camp in Wageningen runs from Sunday afternoon to Saturday lunchtime, ‘So parents can bring and collect their children out of work hours,’ says Heckert. The youngsters will sleep in tents in the grounds, and they will row, of course. Other activities have not been planned yet. Heckert: ‘A campfire, games on the water, a mountain bike tour: all the options are still open.’ More information about the youth camp can be found on