Student - March 7, 2011

Argo names boat after harbourmaster

Rowing club Argo’s latest acquisition has been named after the harbourmaster: Dorus Jansen. Jansen was very surprised but said it was ‘super’.

The brand new Italian-made boat was christened on Friday afternoon by Rianne and Gerrit Meester, an ex-Argonaut couple. They were invited as a way of thanking them for their contribution to the much-needed renovation of Argo's boathouse. 'We hope that more ex-members will follow our example', said Rianne Meester. She then had the honour of launching the white green-striped competition boat (the Argo colours) and its four ladies and their cox.

The student rowing society usually names its boats after a character from the saga of the Argonauts. When the Argo chairperson read a passage about the building of the boat without bringing in the names of any such characters, the harbourmaster thought something was up. 'But I never imagined this', says Jansen, who is retiring in April after nearly 40 years in the job.

The light coxed four boat for ladies and lightweight men, which cost about 17,000 euros, is a welcome addition to the fleet, says purchasing officer Linda Schoorl. 'We were missing a boat like this really.'