Student - September 28, 2017

Argo in the race for sustainability prize

Linda van der Nat

Argo has a chance of adding 500 euros to the club kitty. The student rowing club is in the race for the Social Impact award, a prize organized by Studenten voor Morgen (‘students for tomorrow’) for the most sustainable stunt during the introduction week.

During the AID week, Argo let first-years see how much energy they could generate with an ergometer. Photo Sven Menschel

Argo committee member Jip Jordaan explains that AID participants could take part in an ergometer competition. During the sports day and at the information market, first-years could use a rowing simulator and see how many watts they could generate by rowing 250 metres. ‘We had a board showing how many watts electrical appliances such as coffee machines and TVs use.’

The rowing club hoped this would raise awareness about how much energy certain appliances use. Jordaan: ‘Argo is always working on improvements, including in terms of sustainability. For example, we are completely self-sufficient in our electricity with our solar panels. This competition is just one small part of that, but we want to give students an idea about energy consumption.’

Sustainability network Studenten voor Morgen awards three prizes every year for sustainable introduction stunts. The AID committee has regularly won the jury prize in the past. This year, W.S.R. Argo is in the running for the prize awarded by the general public.

Voting is possible via the ‘Duurzame Introductie Stunt’ Facebook page; polls close on 28 September.

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