Nieuws - 17 maart 2010

Arend Jan Voortman wins Press Prize

Recognition for Spil magazine. Documentary filmmaker Barend Hazeleger is awarded a prize too.

Journalist Arend Jan Voortman is one of the winners of Wageningen University Fund's Press Prize. Voortman founded Spil magazine, which has been taking a critical look at scientific and social issues for more than thirty years now.  According to the jury, Spil encourages social debate. The jury also called Voortman's critical journalistic activities 'stimulating, constructive and colourful'.
'I see the prize as a form of recognition for setting up and developing Spil', says the prize winner. 'It's really a prize for the Spil project.' Voortman says many people think the prize should have been awarded a long time ago. He thinks the delay may have something to do with the magazine's critical attitude.  'I won't say "well, well - justice at last" but it is true that for a long time Wageningen University found it difficult to appreciate what Spil was doing', says Voortman. 'Perhaps critical opinions are getting more appreciation now thanks to a slightly more open atmosphere.'
Documentary filmmaker Barend Hazeleger also received a Press Prize. On 9 March, during the 92 nd commemoration day celebrations, the two winners each received a certificate, 2,500 euros and a replica of the artwork The Wageningen Tree.