News - July 2, 2010

Arbori moves to Arnhem from Velp

Student society Arbori is set to open a new clubhouse in Arnhem after the summer. That will bring an end to the housing problems that have lasted nearly two years for the VHL Velp-affiliated society.

‘We could suddenly come across a really nice property', said José Meijer, a member of Arbori's housing committee, just under a year ago. That dream literally came true a couple of weeks ago. ‘We happened to see a poster stuck up with the words To Let', says treasurer Lieke Jager. ‘A property we can stay in permanently.' That discovery was just in time. The society was able to remain in its old premises until the end of 2009, and after that they found a temporary roof over their heads in the old buildings of VHL Velp. They have to be out of there by the end of the summer at the latest.
DIY team
The new premises at number 21, Duizelsteeg street in the centre of Arnhem consist of two rooms of around forty square metres. ‘We are going to make the downstairs into a real pub while the room above will only be used for relatively large parties.' But first the rooms will undergo extensive renovations. ‘The place used to house a restaurant but we don't have any use for such a large kitchen. We have a DIY team who will be carrying out renovations all through the summer.'
Second choice
In fact, the property in Arnhem was not the first choice and is actually slightly more expensive that the previous locations. ‘We would have preferred to have remained in Velp but we couldn't find anything there at all. Everyone was immediately enthusiastic when we came across this property.' The place also has its advantages. ‘It is now easier to hit the nightlife after a visit to the society clubhouse. I foresee lots of our members eventually moving to Arnhem to live.'