Nieuws - 18 november 2011

Another case of academic fraud

The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam has fired a prominent professor for alleged fabrication of research data and betraying the trust of patients.

In a background story published yesterday afternoon in the NRC Handelsblad, the professor was reported to have 'generally' admitted to the findings of the integrity committee which investigated the case. The hospital is 'deeply shocked' and calls this a serious breach of academic integrity and a case of 'scientific misconduct'. The hospital says, however, that the professor has not manipulated any data to achieve favourable research results, what Diederik Stapel in Tilburg did.
The professor in perioperative cardiovascular care, also an internist, is alleged to have examined patients in the course of his latest research without prior written consent. He is also alleged to have filled in research results which are unrelated to patient information. Via a spokesperson, the professor admits to having failed to follow work regulations, but denied having faked any data, adds the NRC Handelsblad.
The Erasmus MC says it will look into earlier studies by the professor. It will also tighten its supervision into data collection. Several hundreds of patients involved in this latest research will get a letter of apology.