Student - June 1, 2017

Another 1400 rooms needed

Albert Sikkema

Because of the continuing growth of the university, Wageningen needs another 1400 student rooms, say Wageningen municipal council, WUR and student housing provider Idealis. So the municipality has designated new locations for temporary and permanent rooms.

photo Aard-Jan van de Glind

Wageningen University is set to go on growing for the coming five years. The university expects to grow from 10,500 students now to 14,500 students in 2022. Approximately half of the additional 4000 students will want a room in Wageningen, which means a shortfall of 1400 rooms in the not-too-distant future.

The municipality, Idealis and WUR have therefore identified places where new student complexes could be built in the coming years, or where temporary accommodation could be created. The list includes the old post office on the Plantsoen, the old Vocational College on the Marijkeweg and buildings on Duivendaal and De Dreijen. There are also possibilities for extra rooms around the Asserpark and Bornsesteeg student residences. The municipality has designated a total of 18 locations where Idealis or project developers could create student accommodation.

The building and repurposing plans take into account the prediction that student numbers will go down again in five to ten years’ time. The municipality wants to concentrate on mixed permanent housing in which other groups such as seniors can live, as well as students.

It was announced earlier that 300 temporary student units are to go up on the disused plot on the corner of Nieuwe Kanaal and the Kortenoord Allee. There are also advanced plans for 178 permanent rooms on the site of the former Diedenoort higher education college on the Churchillweg, about 200 permanent rooms at Costerweg 65, and 120 permanent rooms on the plot of the former Kirpestein garage on the Ritzema Bosweg.