Nieuws - 27 juni 2013

Annual report: DLO gets less funding from ministry

But university gets more from the government.

Wageningen UR's 2012 annual report reveals that DLO is getting less and less government funding for research. Last year, 43 per cent of the revenue of 343 million euros came from the ministry of Economic Affairs while the share in 2010 was 48 per cent and five years ago it was still more than 50 per cent.
On the other hand, DLO is getting more revenue from the market: 155 million euros last year. The number of assignments for contract research from the EU, the private sector and the provincial authorities all increased, but here too there was a reduction in the assignments from the ministry.
The university did get more money from the ministry of Economic Affairs last year due to a further increase in the number of students and doctorates. Despite an efficiency cut by the ministry, the university still received 292 million euros, several millions more than the previous year. The university also got more funds for contract research, a total of 81 million euros. Both DLO and the university recorded a profit in 2012, 6 and 5 million euros respectively. But the Executive Board expects the university to make a loss this year because of additional accommodation costs (Orion) and a dip in the income from contract research.