Nieuws - 14 oktober 2004


Researchers at PRI have started collecting signatures in protest at the plans to build open offices in the new Plant building. According to the plans, only the directors of clusters and business units of groups moving to the new accommodation will get their own office. Most employees will be placed in large shared rooms. The two who started the petition, Dr Tom Dueck and Dr Jaap Schröder, expect a lot of signatures: ‘It means people will be walking in and out all the time, everyone will be able to hear all conversations. It will be very distracting. We expect home working to increase enormously if the plans go ahead.’ Agrosystems science, Crop Ecology and Biometris will be moving to the new wing of the PRI main building. The managing director of the Plant Sciences Group, Dr Peter Booman, understands the concerns. ‘It will be a big change, especially for those who are used to having their own room.’ But he cannot promise that everyone will get an individual office. ‘We don’t have enough money for that.’ / KV