Nieuws - 24 augustus 2012

And the winner is KSV

KSV Franciscus has worked hard during the AID. This student society has signed up as many as 170 aspiring members in its recruitment drive, leaving rivals Ceres and SSR-W far behind with 143 and 150 respectively.

KSV is as pleased as Punch, says its president, Koen Smid. 'A surprisingly good result. We had between 130 and 150 registrations in the past, so this year tops them all.  It's a big day for KSV.'
According to Smid, the increase is due to a combination of factors: the extensive renovations to its clubhouse and the enthusiasm of the recruiters during the AID. 'The interior and exterior of our clubhouse at the Stadsbrink has undergone extensive renovations. And everyone in the society and its committees has put in extra effort to recruit new members.'
At this stage, the enrolments are temporary in nature. Only after the Society Introductory Period will it be made known how many aspiring members will actually remain in the society. 'We strive to retain everyone, of course, but experience has shown us that inevitably, several will withdraw.'
Unitas has 45 new members. 'That is about the total we had expected to get. Therefore, we're pleased,' says president Miles van Aar. Ceres and SSR-W could not be reached for comment.