Nieuws - 17 februari 2005

Ambassador sends letter to Chinese students

The Chinese students in Wageningen have received a letter from the Chinese ambassador. Mrs Xue Hanqin gives them words of encouragement, and says they should above all seek contact with Dutch and other international students.

'One day when you finish your education here, you can always tell other people with pride that "I am a graduate of Wageningen University".'
Xue wrote the letter after she had attended the PhD graduation ceremony of Huang Sanwen, the former president of the Chinese students’ association in Wageningen (CASSW). It was then that she heard that Chinese students were experiencing difficulties in Wageningen, and in her letter she expresses her concern. Her tone is one of motherly encouragement, and she holds her own experience up as an example: ‘As many of you may know that many years ago I also went abroad to pursue my professional study, I fully understand how you are feeling now. You may feel homesick, lonely, or under pressure, but you also have to understand that this is a part of your education abroad, an essential and necessary part of jour life experience.’
Xue calls upon the Chinese students to do their best to associate with Dutch and other international students. 'Try to find opportunities to talk to them, because the more you talk, the more you will feel confident. Be a good listener first and then tell them about yourself, your study and your difficulty. This may seem simple and tedious, but you can gain a lot. Your English will be improved and also your social skills.'
According to the ambassador Wageningen is among the leading universities in the world and the students should be proud that they can study here. She endorses the words spoken by the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao during his visit to the Netherlands last year: 'I hope that you will cherish the valuable opportunity to study here. Wherever you are, you should always remember that you are a Chinese. Feel proud to be Chinese, and to make China being proud of you.' / MW