Organisation - March 31, 2016

All outside art on one site

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen counts about 220 statues outside. A large part are on campus. A new website makes it easy to find them.

Wageningen has an affluent number of sculptures in the public space. But it is difficult to find information about them. Part of this information can be found in the library. The library wants to make this information more accessible using a website. In the past year they worked hard to gather the missing information. The library worked together with the former city poet Laurens van der Zee.


Van der Zee used public knowledge by using weekly door-to-door papers with an art puzzle. Art for which part of the information was missing. An unknown maker, lost objects and such examples. The information which was gathered using this method is incorporated in this new website.

Besides an overview map of all the statues and an inventarisation it also contains art routes that visitors can take during a walk, on bike or on a scooter. Also the 37 outdoor statues on campus are on the site. The campus has an own route past the statues. The new site is a initiative of the public library and Rijnbrink.

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