Nieuws - 10 oktober 2013

All good things must end

As I’ve graduated, finally I have to put a full stop to my blog, however reluctant I am.

I love writing. Had I not got the chance to be a blogger of Resource, those 112 crappy stories would still be etched in my personal blog. Speaking of my personal blog, thanks to its reminder of 'Today in History', I came across a blog that I wrote exactly three years ago, when I was applying for this blogger vacancy of Resource. The title was 'If I became a paid blogger'. I began that blog like this: ‘First I want to write down some interesting topics for standby, in case I forget them in the next minute…’

Am I such a forgetful guy?

Not really. I was just afraid that I would easily run out of topics in a few blogs. And as a Chinese saying goes, the palest ink is better than the best memory; it’s sensible to note down those fleeting shards of  inspiration in time. So, next to that blog, I keep a Word file on my laptop. It’s my secret arsenal, where I piled up abundant topics for writing: ‘See a doctor in only 5 minutes’, ‘Ugly food like Nasi Goreng’, ‘Poppenkast in Sinterklaas’, ‘Crazy Dutch names’, ‘Vierdaagsefeesten’ and so on…

Alas they are still unused because I had so much else to gush. And thankfully the editors of Resource provided me so much patience and freedom to babble about whatever I wanted.

However, all good things must come to an end. Different from Peter Pan, Derek Pan can not spend his youth adventuring in this happy village forever. One day I will leave the Netherlands and continue my life elsewhere in the world. But one thing will never end, that is, I will keep blogging my life forever.