Nieuws - 3 december 2009

Alex + house

'Passive building will become the norm, I'm sure of that'

On the edge of a new Arnhem housing estate called Schuytgraaf, Alex Schotman, landscape ecologist at Alterra, is building a 'passive house'. Passive houses use very little energy, mainly thanks to their optimal passive use of solar energy. Schotman is one of the pioneers in this field in the Netherlands. His driving motive is his concern for our planet. 'I aim for a lifestyle with a zero ecological footprint. For the climate we absolutely must cut our energy consumption by eighty to ninety percent.' For Alex's house, this means double insulation, triple glazing, extra thick doors, solar panels on the roof, and recycling of warmth from the ventilation system. Alex's passive house will be in action by 10-10-10.