News - November 11, 2004

Agromisa anniversary

The Wageningen based development organisation Agromisa celebrated its seventieth anniversary last week with a meeting of past and present volunteers to discuss future plans. The organisation started in the 1930s with students offering support to Catholic missionaries in the tropics in the form of advice on agriculture. Agromisa still does this, but the target group is now small-scale farmers in developing countries. The organisation has also become more professional, employing seven paid workers, and volunteers are now largely graduates rather than students. Wageningen town councillor for economic affairs, Dr Rik Eweg said that Agromisa could perhaps play a role in Food Valley. ‘There are companies, governments and knowledge institutes represented in Food Valley. What is missing is an organisation that represents the environment and primary producers in developing countries. Companies involved in Food Valley have indicated that there is a need for this.’ Agromisa’s with its network and knowledge of organisations of small farmers could fulfil this role, suggested Eweg. / JT