Nieuws - 20 juni 2013

Agreement on seats division Independent Members

The Independent candidates reached a decision on the division of the seats in the student council next year. Their conclusion puts an end to the uncertainty that arose after the announcement of the election results on the 28th of May.

The new student council. The four Independents are on the left, Gilbert Atuga wearing a cap.
The Independent candidates decided unanimously that the number of votes cast for each candidate should be the determining factor on who gets a seat in the student council. This means Gilbert Atuga (163 votes) will get a seat after all, at the expense of Daohong Yang (20 votes). Gilbert is elated about this result. 'The voice of the people that voted for me has finally been heard, I am happy that their votes count. Of course there has been some discussion about this, that's politics, but in the end we all agreed that the number of votes should be the only defining criterion. I believe numbers don't lie.'
Whether or not Gilbert takes his spot in the student council next year is yet unclear, he says. There are some technical issues which need to be solved first, one of them being his scholarship. 'This to me is a tricky situation, because I am not sure if my sponsor will allow me to take a year off to serve in the student council. I have to make a good case, so they can see through my arguments that the student council is a positive step for me building up my leadership and other political skills.' Gilbert hopes to give a decisive answer to his fellow student council members soon.
This week the Independent Members and Veste discussed the different committees within the council, and who will work on which topics.