Student - March 8, 2016

Again record number of students on exchange

Liza van Kapel

The number of Wageningen students that go abroad for a period during their studies continues to grow. This year 465 students applied for an exchange, compared to 343 last year – also a record. Most candidates are bachelor students (421).

People that want to go abroad to follow a period of courses, have enough choice. Wageningen University has exchange agreements with 197 institutions. Both within and outside Europe. Popular destinations are Cork (Ireland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Melbourne (Australia) and Valencia (Spain).

However, not everyone gets their first choice. In total 328 students received their first choice institution, the rest received second, third – in the exceptional case – fourth choice. The reason is that some destinations were more popular than the available places. For example the University College Cork had 30 applications for 3 places. In the selection they took average grades, motivation, CV and study progress into account. In case of Cork each placed student had an average grade above 8,8.

Meanwhile, almost everyone was placed and there are still a couple of free places. If you missed the registration deadline on 1 February, you can still apply for one of the universities that still have a place. An overview can be found on

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  • suf

    Inderdaad, een gemiddelde boven 8.8?? Misschien maar gewoon kappen met dat CV en motivatie gedoe en iedereen IQtestjes laten maken....

  • Statistiek is geen wiskunde

    Een gemiddelde boven de 8.8? Wat is hier de bedoeling van?