Nieuws - 30 oktober 2012

Adventure race in Wageningen

More than one hundred tough guys and gals voluntarily spent 21 hours navigating, cycling, running and canoeing in and around Wageningen non-stop, without sleep. On top of that, it was bitterly cold as temperatures sometimes dropped below zero last weekend.

The BOTS is an adventure race for members of various Dutch student Alpine clubs. The Wageningen club SAC Ibex organized this gruelling race for the first time in 2004. History repeated itself last Friday. The participants started in the evening in teams of four at the Bongerd.
Their hands shook as the competitors drew the coordinates they had been given on the map with the help of a protractor. Some of the half-frozen participants wore glistening skirts made from emergency blankets. At the finish an exhausted participant gave a short but sweet summary of what it was like: 'Ice cold and brutal, but really, really fun'.