Nieuws - 15 april 2013

Adventure in the Orient

Another 1000 euros: that's how much Anika Oppermann still needs to raise, before she sets off for Jordan on 27 April. The German PhD student is participating in the Allgäu-Orient Rally. Together with her father, she will drive to Amman in 20 stages.

Anika Oppermann with the car in which she will set off for Jordan later this month.
She will be on the road for three weeks and 7000 kilometres, following a route which passes through Kosovo, Turkey, Israel, and Palestine. Anika has many reasons for participating. 'It'll be fun, and good for my bond with my father. It's also a great adventure, and I want to contri­bute to a better understanding between cultures.'
The car has already been equipped with a bed in the boot and a big box on the roof. 'We're going to fill that with as much stuff as possible, which we'll give away en route', Anika explains. As part of the rally, participants are required to complete various tasks along the way. Anika is going to visit a school for Roma children in Kosovo, she is taking an instrument for a Turkish music school, and she is smuggling along a tree to plant in Istanbul.     
The trip will cost at least 6000 euros, and Anika wants to raise half that amount in sponsor¬≠ship money. In Jordan the car will be auctioned for charity. Two weeks ago Anika sold baklava at the Biotechnion, and people could sign the car for two euros. More sponsors are welcome. Besides money, they also welcome donations for the primary school: pens, pencils, notebooks, sport equipment, children's clothes, etc. If you'd like to help, check out