Nieuws - 27 januari 2005

A&F plan surprises professors

The executive board did not consult the professors involved when drawing up the plan to transfer a large part of the research institute A&F to the university.

The professors were informed just before the personnel heard the announcement, but ‘saying no’ was not an option, according to the chair of human nutrition Frans Kok. The professors have reacted positively to the request from the executive board to think with them about the future of A&F. The business director of the Agrotechnology and Nutrition Sciences Group, Philip van der Heijden, said in a reaction that the executive board had chosen not to discuss such a sensitive plan too widely, as the directors had indicated that they did not want the news to leak. ‘It was a conscious choice to publicise the news quickly, but the disadvantage is that the plan is not yet concrete. The advantage, however, is that we can now discuss openly with everyone what the best solution should be.’ / KV