News - February 12, 2009


Researchers and aid workers in the field of humanitarian crises have joined forces in the International Humanitarian Studies Association, which is based in Wageningen. This was announced by Professor of Disaster Studies, Thea Hilhorst, one of the initiators and the secretary of the association.

The association was officially launched last week during the first World Conference of Humanitarian Studies, a three-day event held in Groningen at which about three hundred participants from all over the world discussed the future of this academic discipline. The conference was organized by the universities of Groningen, Bochum (Germany) and Wageningen.
One of the main tasks of the new association will be to organize a worldwide exchange of knowledge between academics and field workers concerned with wars, disasters, peace missions and failed nation states. Hilhorst: ‘The board should make sure that another conference is organized in two years’ time, and we might also launch a journal.’