Nieuws - 15 januari 2009


From now on, an editorial board will oversee the implementation of editorial policy at Resource. The board will include four Wageningen UR staff, two students and two external members.

Initially, seventeen candidates made themselves known, eight of whom were selected and proposed to the Executive Board by an Advisory Committee made up of publisher Viola Peulen, Executive Board representative Hans Bezuijen, and Editor-in-chief Gaby van Caulil. The Executive Board announced the editorial board last Monday.

The board is intended to reflect the breadth of the WUR, with as staff members: Judit Zijlstra (VHL, secretary to the management), Dr. Patrick Jansen (forest ecologist at the university), Dr. Ernst van den Ende (business unit manager of PPO Bloembollen, Fruit en Bomen), and Professor Cees van Woerkum (communication scientist at the University). The student population is represented by Mascha Rasenberg (MSc International land and water management) and Marloes van de Kamp (BSc International land and water management). There is still a vacancy for a student from Van Hall Larenstein. The board also includes two external members: Martijn de Groot (freelance journalist and communications adviser) and Marianne Heselmans (freelance science journalist).

The editorial board will meet at least three times a year to discuss the current editorial policy. This is laid down in a statute that can be found on the Intranet under organization, organigram, corporate communication.

For the time being, Ernst van den Ende has been appointed chairperson, and at the first meeting the board will elect a chairperson. The board will also contribute to the restyling of Resource, which is intended to lead to a new website and a new paper being launched in August 2009.