Nieuws - 23 augustus 2012

AID swings to an end

Leisurely but satisfying. And on that note, the last big party of the Wageningen AID could have ended. But that was before the band Shantel took to the stage.

Hands in the air during the closing party.
'Hey, sexy lady,' boom the loudspeakers. More than a thousand brand new first year students eye one another inside a big party tent between Atlas and Forum. A number of them raise their hands, or make flitting dance movements. Keeping within their individual groups, the participants of the Annual Introduction Days (AID) form a circle around a heap of bags in the centre. Like separate goose families each moving amidst a multitude of geese.  In every little group is someone who typically refuses to dance and keeps looking away all the time. Other than the music, no other sounds can be heard.
Wageningen isn't that bad
It isn't boisterous, but neither is it dull. The mood is one of relief and satisfaction. First year student of Nutrition and society Amber finds out that Wageningen is nicer than she had expected. She wanders around the student society stands making their last recruitment attempts, but is adamant not to join any. 'I don't see much in the big societies and I'm not really a Christian either.' A little further off, Eva thinks differently and has signed an enrolment form with the SSR student society. 'I hesitated for a long time, and then I thought I'll do something different with my life. Actually, I still have doubts.' Aspiring agrotechnologist Simon is standing near to the party tent. 'Just having a cigarette,' he says. 'You can't do that inside.' He too is pleased with the AID. 'I expected Wageningen to be smaller, but it isn't that bad. And the people here are quite nice actually.'
The band Shantel makes its appearance at about half past eleven. With its electronic gypsy-style music, it brings the tent to life. It makes the audience jump, laugh, dance and do the polonaise march, not caring if it is right for the occasion or not. One more encore, and again one more. The band plays on for more than half an hour extra, and even after the last encore, the youths continue to sing along. 'The student society is the next stop,' says new aspiring KSV member, Max. 'The evening is just about to begin.'